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Sira Incentives helps you and your company
attract grants and other forms of public funding.


The Dutch government, but also other public organisations such as the European Union, recognize the importance of innovative businesses. Through various grants, you as a company are offered a helping hand. With our experience and expertise, we help you to make optimal use of grants and the available resources to realise your innovations. And without making it unnecessarily complicated. Sira Incentives supports companies in the entire process of a grant application.

Project funding

In addition to grants, project funding can take various forms. We investigate which form of financing best suits the activities of your company. We look at various government financing instruments at national or regional level, as well as forms of financing that are carried out by the major banks or the more specialised banks such as the NIBC, FMO and the EIb

WBSO and Innovation Box

Sira Incentives also supports companies with their WBSO and Innovation Box (tax benefits). With the help of our technical expertise, we are well able to ensure that the WBSO is optimally used by our clients. An optimal organisation of the WBSO, in which all qualifying activities can be accounted for in the WBSO, forms a good basis for negotiation with the tax authorities. We can support the tax specialists of your firm with the allocation of taxable profits to innovation, but we are happy to leave the actual elaboration of the Innovation Box and the negotiation with the tax authorities to the tax specialists.

Our method

About us

We are a grant consulting firm which specialises in Innovation. We act with our clients according to our core values: Committed, passionate and reliable.

Our commitment is reflected in the way we work together with our clients, we are not only busy with organising project financing or applying for grants, but also like to introduce our clients to other partners within our network so that great collaborations can arise

We are passionate about preparing business and financing plans, we deliver the quality and creativity needed to make your projects stand out.

We demonstrate reliability by controlling the entire process and ensuring that your subsidies are not jeopardised even in the event of calamities. We also handle your trade secrets and innovative ideas with the utmost discretion. They are in safe and trusted hands with us.


Our consultants have an academic education with a relevant background in the field we advise on. In this way, we are also a substantive sparring partner for our clients and can think along with you about
your innovation plans.

Michiel Cleeren
About me

I like to work for companies that are at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. I can help realise their ambitions.

Sicco Bijzen
About me

Achieving success together with the client is the crowning achievement for me.

Rob Blank
About me

Successfully contributing to an innovation gives me the motivation to carry out the projects with pleasure and success.

Marius Roeterdink
About me

I get a lot of energy from innovations in the field of sustainability and IT.

Jaap Tromp
About me

I like to help bridge the gap between technological innovation and realizing the final product.

Arend de Vos
About me

My passion lies in supporting projects in the agriculture, sustainability and MedTech sectors, where I enjoy helping to leverage financial opportunities to achieve ambitious visions and bridge financial gaps.

Rutger Nijland
About me

I am driven by unraveling complexity and exploring out-of-the-box solutions, especially in the world of medical and sustainable technologies.

Dirk-Jan Bunnik
About me

I get excited when helping entrepreneurs with ambitious innovations to find the opportunities that bring their ideas to reality.

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Work at Sira Incentives

A career at Sira Incentives offers you the opportunity to work within a professional organisation where you can develop and grow.

We attach great importance to the guidance of our employees. These employees are characterised by the enthusiasm they put into their work and the high standard they show to clients every day. As a service organisation, we offer you the opportunity to work on a project basis for renowned organisations.

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